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Solar Pumps

For many of our clients, solar pumps are a popular choice. They run on clean, green energy and, in the long-term, save money. As environmental protection becomes an increasing concern and electricity prices continue to rise, solar power certainly makes sense. We stock a range of solar products, to meet our clients’ diverse range of needs.

Saving on resources

For both individuals and businesses, seeking out energy sources that meet their needs but minimise resource use is becoming more and more of a priority. Solar is becoming an appealing solution.

Gaining power from the sun, they are designed to be super-efficient. Rather than draining excessive amounts of energy, they use exactly what they need, without creating any harmful by in the process. This is definitely beneficial for the environment, and at the same time, offers the consumer the opportunity to avoid electricity bills.

Suitable to the Australian climate

Here in Australia, where we enjoy summers made up of long, light-filled days, solar power is a particularly attractive option. Accessing sufficient sunrays to keep equipment running is rarely a matter for concern.

Our handpicked selection of pumps powered by solar energy for Australia is built to meet the demands of a tough climate, including sudden changes in weather patterns, extreme heat and intense humidity. So even when conditions are particularly challenging, fear of pump breakdown doesn’t have to be a cause for added stress.

Quality and reliability

One of the reasons that our solar products are so reliable is that they’re made of premium quality materials. We’ve searched high and low for the best products on the market. From the beginning, our aim has been to satisfy our customers with sturdy, powerful equipment that inspires total confidence.

Simplicity and affordability

We have products for applications of all sizes – whether it’s 6,000 litres a day that require pumping or 35,000. As well as portable drainage pumps, we stock several pressure pumps and solar systems. For many clients, these are an appealing choice, as they’re available as easy-to-install kits. All components are pre-wired and a step-by-step guide provides clear instructions.


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